Saturday, January 14, 2012

Adela's First Christmas

Adela's first Christmas--a momentous milestone in her life that was filled with everything I would want for her--family, love, good food (okay, for me not her!), and lots of joy. The only thing missing, and it's debatable whether or not this was a good thing--snow. It was a brown Christmas alas. But that didn't stop us from enjoying all of our time home! Here's just a bit of what we did:

The day before we left for MN, Jake, Adela, and I checked out the winter flower show at Phipps. This year's theme was "The Nutcracker," and I had been doing some education programming there with the Ballet. It was Adela's first trip to the Conservatory, and I'd say she enjoyed it (probably because of all the fun, lighted Christmas trees and shiny ornaments!). 
Smelling--and trying to grab--an orchid.
Adela and Mama in front of the "Waltz of the Flowers" tree.
She's so happy it made me feel like I was Santa Claus.
Adela...Mouse Soldier...which is which?

We made it safely home to MN bright and early on Christmas Eve. Adela was such a trooper on the plane and the ride out to the Melby farm--hardly a peep out of her! That night we went to Church (at least for a little while before the kids had meltdowns) and found out some fantastic news from Ben and Britt--Jake and I will have a new niece or nephew in June! After getting her exhausted little tush to bed, she woke up refreshed the following morning for her very first Christmas!!
Adela opening some awesome pajamas from Grandma Mary and Grandpa Curt.
Adela snuggling with her Great-Grandma Roth.
Cousin Isla wearing ALL the dress up clothes she got from her Aunt Alyssa.
"So much excitement...I'm ready for a nap!"
"Ah Roxie! You're squishing me!"
The cousins having fun during bathtime.
We had a lovely time out on the farm and were so fortunate to have seen so many of Jake's family while we were out there, particularly Ben, Britt, and Isla since it may be another year or more before we see them again. On our way from the Farm to Grandma Karen's house, we made a quick day-stop in New Ulm where most of my family lives. 
Adela and my godmother, Auntie Barb.
I don't know who's expression is bigger--Adela's or her Great-Grandma Marion's!
"Giggle, giggle, giggle!"
After seeing many of my family in New Ulm, which was such a treat (and I'm not just talking about the Taco Pizza from Happy Joe's), we made it to my Mom's house in Montgomery. Adela seized the moment and mastered her new favorite skill: finding her feet!
"Almost, almost..."
"I gotcha sock!"
Tummy time!
Grandma Karen cuddling with her favorite granddaughter :-)
Jake and I also got to hang with many of our friends back home. Jake went pheasant hunting and smoked cigars with Justin and Devin while I got to meet Justin and Kacie's little gal, Nikayda. We got coffee with Chelsea by her new apartment in St. Paul, then hopped down the road to see my Morris gals, Sara, Laurel, and Megan at my new favorite restaurant, Chatterbox Pub (why you might ask? One word: games!). And of course, Jake and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary with a night out on the town with my cousin Derek, his fiance Molly, and two of D's friends from high school. I hadn't played darts nor danced on a club floor in years, so it was a night well spent :-)

All in all, baby girl came back with quite the toy and book collection, but you won't hear her complaining (only her Mama and Daddy who have to find somewhere to put it all! Just kidding--we're very grateful!). And while there was no snow or sugar cookies for her, she lit up every room she went in. Her smiles and first giggles were the best Christmas present we could ever ask for.

We love you, Adela! Merry First Christmas!

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