Monday, January 2, 2012

Well if the world's going to end...

2012. The year the world is supposed to end. Well, if that's the case, I better get crackin'!

Seriously, though, I typically hate new year's resolutions. Why make the commitment to start some new habit on an arbitrary day in the dead of winter when the gloom and doom of the weather is enough to make you stop before you begin? But here I am, thinking about things I'd like to change about myself, both at home and at work, and I am drawn to this idea of making some improvements. Recently, a friend on Facebook posted about some changes she'll be making herself, and someone reminded her (and thereby me) that it takes 3 weeks to establish a habit. With that in mind, here we go...

Resolution #1: Take at least 2 photos a day and blog 2 times a week (probably going to be on Friday and Sunday).
Action: already doing it! Woo hoo! Please--hold me accountable to this. I fully welcome being accosted by friends and family on Facebook, via email, etc.

Resolution #2: Monthly projects to get myself organized and ready...for what? (insert sarcastic voice) Obviously, the end of the world. If we're all gonna die, I'm gonna make sure things are squared away so I can leave this world footloose and fancy free ;-) (in serious tone) Honestly, organizing makes me feel at ease, probably because I'm a bit of a control freak. And although each project will last a month, I'm hoping that some of the habits established in them will continue long after.
Action: List monthly projects and possible tasks. Begin January's project.
  • January: Finances
    • Organize financial documents
    • Create filing system for downloading e-bills, bank statements, etc.
    • Revisit budget
    • Prepare for taxes
    • Create savings plan--retirement, college, emergency fund, etc.
  • February: Get moving!
    • Increasing weekly goals
    • Morning yoga
  • March: Eat in month
    • Menu planning
    • Freezer meals
    • Quick lunches
  • April: Spiritual Renewal
    • Visit different UU congregations each Sunday
    • Schedule dedication ceremony for Adela
  • May: Reducing energy usage
    • New strategies
    • Unplugging
  • June: Downsizing and reusing
    • Going through closets and items
    • Only shopping for needed items at reuse places (garage sales, thrift stores, etc.)
  • July: Reducing water usage
  • August: Christmas gifts
    • No new resource use
    • Make make make!
    • Budget
  • September: Eat local month
  • October: Credit card free month
  • November: Month of Gratitude
    • Thank you note, email, or phone call every day
    • 1-minute daily reflection every day
    • 4 volunteer projects
  • December: ???
Since the world is supposed to end in December, I figured I'd wait and see! No, really, I just can't come up with another goal. Suggestions are welcome!

Are these resolutions ambitious? Absolutely. But you know what they say--go big or go home!

Hello 2012. I'm excited to see what we can accomplish this year!


  1. What an inspiration and great idea to have a themed goal each month! Best of luck to you!

  2. I have a less extensive, but a list none the less, the big one workout 6 days a week... day 2 here we go. You seem to have things nicely planned out, lists make life easier :)