Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PSA for organizing tax documents, or the most boring post ever

Does this look like your mail after it's come through the front door?
Or this?
Lucky me, I have both! So what would any sane person do to try and sort out this mess that feels like the Great Wall of China, seemingly never ending in its amount of paperwork....
Organize! First things first: stock up on manila folders and hanging file folders. Better yet, invest in a good filing cabinet. And if you're really going to go all out: don't forget the colored "flags" by 3M to mark files within a file within a folder within the hanging file folder within the cabinet. You can do it! I promise, there is fun to be had here!

Second, with Uncle Sam knocking on the door, it's time to get those tax documents in order! What started out as only one folder--
quickly turned into 4 folders. The older you get, the more complicated taxes become!
 So do you organizing now, folks--and be ready when the tax person calls!

All bundled and ready to go!

 Up next: actually tackling the problem of where to put incoming mail. Another day, though, another day.

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